Reasons for title tag not scanning

i have tried running a few sites through
seo worker’s analysis

on a few websites that i know have a poor ranking, i noticed that the title tag isn’t scanning. does this happen when a website keeps an extra page in the url? like [noparse][/noparse] instead of just [noparse][/noparse]

some cms keep the /index and that is the case with two of the sites where the seoworkers’ tool couldn’t see the title tag

A <title> tag should be read and indexed just the same whether you have, or, or any other construction - it makes no difference.

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When you’re using dummy URLs to explain the point, please don’t allow them to become clickable links. If they start with http:// or www. then you need to un-tick the “Automatically parse links in text” box. If you leave it ticked, we end up with a load of outbound links to dummy sites.

ok thanks. now i’m wondering what is causing this. if anyone has anything to look out for that’d be great. tried validating as well.

duly noted

When you say that it hasn’t read the title tag … what does come up as the link text in Google for those pages?

The same thing that’s in the title


The same thing that’s in the title[/QUOTE]
Then what’s the problem?

well the seo analysis tool i ran the sites through showed no title tag. that would be fine if the sites in question were doing ok, but the keywords in google analytics are basically variations of the site’s name. that’s really bad.

Then it sounds like your SEO analysis tool is no good. If the <title> element is there, and that’s reflected in the results in Google, then it’s doing everything it’s supposed to.

If you are only getting visitors who search for a variation of the site name and not for any other keywords you’ve used, that’s a deeper problem, but nothing at all to do with the <title>.

<title> tag is the first and foremost tag which is used in meta tags which comes under SEO it need to be read and indexed just the same whether you have, or, or any other URL. It wont have to create any sort of difference on it