Reason for Sudden Change in Website Ranking

Hi, Friends
Before 4 days my site rank in India was 260110. Now it disappeared. Can anyone help me to know the reason behind this?
It’s urgent please help me.

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Are you talking about your Alexa ranking, or something else?

Yes. I mean alexa ranking in India.

The most and very crucial reason for sudden change in website ranking is Google Updates Like Google panda and Google penguin Update.

I don’t think there is any connection between Google updates and Alexa ranking. Alexa ranking is calculated by the number of visitors to a site using the Alexa toolbar. As many/most visitors will not have the toolbar installed, it is not a very accurate measure.

Frankly, I’d stop worrying about your Alexa ranking and just concentrate on the quality of your site and your position in the SERPs. After all, that’s what will bring traffic to your site - not a number on Alexa.

Alexa doesn’t matter. Even when your site gets much traffic at initial point, alexa will still be low as it just counts traffic based on their toolbar. Forget about alexa and try to post quality post, it will bring quality traffic and money in the long run.