"realtime" Server Load monitoring

How can i monitor the server load in “realtime”
and also is this a recommended practice or will it burden my server or its performance?

Please recommend the best 5 realtime server monitoring apps or websites
that monitors load in realtime.

I am not talking about web analytics, but instead i am looking for realtime server analytics

You can try to use Cacti. There are many alternatives out there though (zabbix, nagios, etc), but I didn’t use them myself.

is cacti in “realtime”
the reason i want realtime is because i will otherwise monitor under cpanle
i want something that is realtime like a link or url and i can just watch it in realtime and check history

Real time monitoring will cause load to the server, though it shouldn’t add masses, it depends on what you want to monitor.

Most monitoring systems however tend to be snapshot based, logging it for viewing back rather than viewing in real time.

So, who’s homework are we doing for you?

Anyhow, as Tim points out, this is not something you want to actually run on your server. Typically, the server pushes or exposes some data to another machine that parses/compiles/makes it understandable. Exactly what is an option really depends on what sort(s) of servers you are talking about.

Well, yes, you guys are right. I assumed that say 1 minute checks would be close enough to “real time” I don’t really see what the point would be in microsecond monitoring, with the exception of some very unique purposes.

Nagios would be a nice choice.