Really large disk storage hosting?

I deal databases that are usually very huge as 5GB - 20GB and I have lots of them. I probably need 1TB disk storage that is cheap and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Checked out Rackspace cloud files and I wouldn’t pay that much for something like this. Amazon aws is even more expensive.

Anyone knows any good cheap hosting that comes with large disk storage? Shared hosting is fine because my website has low traffic and is all (almost) static.

So cloud storage is my only option? Any cheaper solutions other than Rackspace or Amazon?


Depends on what you need to do with the files while hosted, and what resilience level you need. Cloud services dedicated to file storage rather than file serving are much cheaper - e.g skydrive, dropbox and google drive. There are also cheap dedicated servers with sufficient space that cost even less, although make sure they have RAID if you go for one of these.

Why would you need a 1TB HDD? I always recommend getting SSDs for Databases, they are pretty cheap now a days.


If you need that much capacity, you are probably looking into dedicated server, or collocation territory as being the cheaper option.

I had to do a project for video storage and for the capacity it worked out cheaper to purchase a server and collocate it.

Did you read the OPs post? He needs cheap, slow storage. Not SSDs.

What do the databases do?

They are cheaper and in many cases free but the problem is management of the files can be iffy. They can delete the file as they seem fit and storage can get pricy was you get into the upper storage sizes like 1TB or 2TB.

He mentioned cheaper than Rackspace or AWS and there are many providers who offer SSD powered VPSes at a cheaper price tag that he can take a look at.