Real Time Sync with FTP and Drive Letter


I’m looking for a program the will do real-time synchronising from a Windows based PC and a FTP server.

Basically, I have a web app that creates a file on the server, a program on my local machine reads this file, deletes it and generates a new results files. My web app then reads this new file and processes the information.

I don’t want to go down the route of writing a program for my local machine as TBH, I don’t know how to, but would love a synchronisation program that could read from my FTP site and sync the contents with my local machine and vice-versa in realtime, or with a second or 2 delay.

The files I am syncing are 1-2Kb in size and a total of 3 per go.

I have tried NetDrive which syncs local to remote instantly, but not remote-local unless I force it to update, but I want it done automatically :wink:

Any advice?

I don’t think it is good idea real time sync files base on FTP, because client app don’t know what change on FTP server until refresh the whole directory from FTP server, it will cause big problem on bandwidth and performance . Otherwise it isn’t really RT