Reading Text File Field Problem

Hi All,
I have a Text File, which has Data as follows:

Jhon Doe, 201-111-1111,

My PHP Script reads Text file, and displays data. It works file in Chrome and Firefox browser.

But in Internet Explorer, phone number field has problem; Phone number field displays if Area Code is 001 to 200, but Area Code 201 and greater does not display.

In Internet Explorer, when I check my ‘View Source Code’, and I see Phone Number there but it does not display in IE browser.

Does anyone have any idea on this???

Hi All,
Here I have revised my Code completely. My script reads Data file and prints first two lines OK, but in third line it does not print Phone number. Can anyone explain cause for the problem??? Thanks.

My Data-file: TXT.txt
John Doe, 111-111-1111,
Mary Joe, 222-222-2222,
Gung Hoe, 156 Cripto Circle, Rougeville, NJ., 37588, 301-288-1342,

<table align="center" cellspacing="4" width="800"> 

$content = file("TXT.txt"); 

for($i=0; $i<count($content); $i++) 
    $single = explode(",", $content[$i]); 
    echo "<tr>"; 
    for($j=0; $j<count($single); $j++) 
        echo "<td align=\\"center\\">"; 
        echo $single[$j]; 
        echo "</td>"; 
    echo "</tr>"; 

My Output: No Phone Number on third line…
John Doe 111-111-1111
Mary Joe 222-222-2222
Gung Hoe 156 Cripto Circle Rougeville NJ. 37588

Your code looks ok. It should work displaying all file lines with all info! You should add a “</table>” at the end in case you missed it.

Thanks PunctRo, I believe this problem is loved…

Everything works on my Website. It also works on my Local Server WAMP (with FireFox & Chrome, it only does not work on Internet Explorer).

Thanks for your help.