Reading order:

I’m looking to better my front-end game, but I don’t know how I continue after HTML Utopia: Designing without Tables. So far, I have:

JQuery: From Novice to Ninja
CSS Anthology
The Art and Science of CSS
Sexy Web Design

I was reading Jquery for a bit, but stopped because I wanted to finish HTML Utopia. Any ideas as to how I should proceed?

I would recommend: first HTML, than CSS, than javascript/jQuery, since CSS builds on HTML and jQuery uses both HTML and CSS

Generally the best order to read would be HTML > CSS > JavaScript, therefore I recommend:

The Art and Science of CSS - This covers some code but is fairly basic in it’s approach.
CSS Anthology - This covers CSS design extensively (all the code aspects - more pro).
Sexy Web Design - When you’re a guru at CSS, this will help you make things pretty!
JQuery: From Novice to Ninja - And JavaScript to round things off :slight_smile: