Read PM


Can someone tell me where I find whether the person read my PM or not.

I always check it off (wish it was default), yet I never know where to look.



When you create a new PM, the read-receipt option is always listed below the “submit message” button.

However–the recipient has the option of denying the read-receipt, so it’s not an entirely reliable method for checking if someone read your message.

I know where it is, that’s not what I asked. I want to know if they read it.

I know people can ignore it, but if they did read it, where do I go to see that?


There’s this:

But that only shows unread PM’s.

Beyond that…there’s not really a way to track someone else like that.

You mean it only shows READ PMs.

Unfortunately you still didn’t tell me where in my CP to find it.


The link in Force Flow’s post will list any that PMs that are set to be “tracked”. To set them to be tracked I believe that you need to check the “Request a read receipt for this message” option. I’ve never used the message tracking option myself.

It is possible that if you send someone a PM that they may well read the PM in their emails as the new unread PM email notifications include the text of the PM.

Yes I know he gave me the URL, but again, that does NOT answer my question on where to find it on my own.

I don’t understand why this is such a difficult question for someone to answer.



I guess its one of things that once you know, its so easy its hard to explain.

There are 2 places that I know of where do=trackpm links can be found on your My SitePoint page. The left Nav and under the select.

Got it now, t/y :slight_smile: