"Read more" expandable text


I have a few paragraphs on a page, and after the first paragraph, I want to include a “Read More” link so that subsequent paragraphs open up on the same page just below it.

I’m looking for code that does this to reduce the amount of scrolling required by the user.

If can point me in the right direction to something very simple that would accomplish this, I would appreciate it.


If you use WordPress then you can use the <!–more–> tag to indicate where that is supposed to happen.

If you use something else to build your site then you’d need to find the equivalent functuionality in that or build it yourself.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m not using wordpress unfortunately…

I need a quick solution, where I can find some javascript that would achieve this.

You can’t do it with JavaScript (at least not easily and not in a way that will work for all those with JavaScript disabled)…

jQuery could be used for this…

With JavaScript turned off, the text would automatically be expanded.

There are a lot of expander JS bits out there, but the ones I played with (a few years back, admittedly) all had some flaws that I found made them unusable. But my experiences are probably obsolete – for example, I hadn’t begun working with jQuery then.