React redux not work with react router dom

i’m facing a problem in react js by using redux with react router dom.

I want to show a profile with its data(data comes from firebase). i make a url like this /profile/my-profile-id.

in profile class component i get react router dom parameter value but not get the redux data.

Here is my code for redux( i save code in redux state in my main file here i just want to get the data.)

const mapStateToProps = (state, id) => ({
    id: id.match.params.profileId,
    userList: state.users.usersList

export default connect(mapStateToProps)(Profile);

The Blue box shows my params id and in red box i want data from redux but data is not comming.

i want this data. i shall be very thankful if you help me solve this problem.
Thanks a lot for helping me.