React JS and shouldComponentUpdate based


I am using React JS to create a grid system. I need to replicate the freeze column and freeze row feature in it. I have successfully implemented the freeze column feature, but I get the cells re-rendered when the freeze changes. Details:

I have a component which renders two table elements. First table has 3 columns, second table has 2 columns. Once the component state changes, the last two columns of my 1st table move onto the first two positions in the second table, thus having 1st table with 1 column and 2nd table with 4 columns.

For rendering the cells I have created a Cell component. I have added the sholdComponentUpdate method to return false always, but the cells keep getting re-rendered.

I am looking to find out whether there is a way I can avoid re-rendering the cells, considering they get moved between elements, thus different tree noes.

Also, based on your opinion, is it faster if they get moved and avoid re-rendering? If yes, then I can code this functionality in Vanilla JS and insert the cells in the appropriate positions.

For row freezing, would be moving the rows completely.


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