React compiling a deleted file

I’m using compass for sass files in React. I have deleted the main.sass file and re-created it in a new location, however when the project renders on chrome through localhost, the old deleted file styles are showing up in the dom.

Why is this happening?

Hi @catherinejeanbeanall, have you tried clearing the cache?
In Chrome, under settings there is also an option to disable the cache while the dev tools is open. Either way it sounds like a caching problem.


Hope it helps.

Thanks @Andres_Vaquero ,
I’m editing my comment. I did a better cache clearing in chrome and things are almost normal. It is still showing a color that was removed though. The font color now is completely different.
I’m using sass to create font and color variables importing into main.sass. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Hmm I’m puzzled too… have you tried restarting the environment, npm etc… ?
Is there perhaps any other information you could provide that might prove helpful in helping you out?

@Andres_Vaquero I did restart the environment. And it’s still the same. I’m wondering if I need to gitignore something?
I can send screenshots if that will help. Thanks for helping!

Here is the main.sass :

Here is what the dom shows
(font-weight and the color are not what is in the main.sass file anymore, they were deleted a while ago and replaced there as you can see in the above)
It is only rendering the fontSize42 correctly.


tagText is just text which might be the problem. Again Thank you!

Not sure but perhaps these resources might help:

Thanks, he says to ‘force compilation’ in this. How do I force compile it?

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