Reaching elements of object tag of data attribute

<object data="iletisim.html" height="350" width="900" type="text/html" class="iletisimSayfasi" name="iletisimSayfasi" id="iletisimSayfasi"></object>

i’m trying to reach elements inside of “iletisim.html”.both pages are at the same can i do?

Normally the contentDocument property is used to gain access to the page.

i’m trying to do that:
when a user click a link from page that located in iframe,a div which containing like this<div><a><img/></a></div>
should appear at a specialised side of index page.the visibility of a div,which located on index page,is hidden at the beginning.

i mean in the picture,when user clicks at the red icon on the mail address,a new icon will appear on the rigt bottom of content box.