Razor Helpers?

With the release of mvc 3 rc, I’ve started playing around with the Razor engine. Has anybody gotten razor templated helpers to work? If so, how?

I have a single helper in View/Helpers folder and a single layout page. If I move the code to the view page, it works. The error is ’ not in context’ for the method name. How and where do I correct this?


I was just going to buy a book on MVC 2. :mad: I can’t keep up anymore.

Nice to see you up and about, pal. :slight_smile:

I would buy the book, unless you want to wait till March for MVC 3. Curtsey’s of Amazon, although the date can change. BTW, The MVC 2 Apress book is excellent! :slight_smile:

Also, great to have you back, Serenarules! :wink:

Thanks guys. Yeah, it’s tough keeping up sometimes, but mostly there is just improvements more than additions. The mvc 2 book should still be of great value.

I’m not even sure the feature I’m talking about is in this release or not. The Gu mentioned it as something they’d “like to have” in addition to what the razor engine already does. You can read his blog on it though and see if you can get it working. I’m not going to mess with it any further until more concrete docs are out on it. And the rtm of course.