Rapid Charting with ZingChart’s Angular Directive

An excerpt fromhttp://www.sitepoint.com/rapid-charting-zingcharts-angular-directive/, by Tim Evko

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Let’s say that, as a front-end developer, you come across a chart or dashboard you’d like to visually include in your project, but you don’t have the time to do a lot of heavy lifting and roll your own charting solution.

This hypothetical situation is a great case for a front-end JavaScript framework like Angular, because it allows you to build a quick “production-ready” demo with a very minimum amount of coding required. You still might be at a loss though, especially if you’re not an Angular expert. Even with a prototyping tool like Angular, building an interactive chart or dashboard can be a time-consuming challenge. Thankfully there’s the ZingChart Angular directive, which makes building complex Data Vizzes with HTML5 and JavaScript a simple and easy task.

Getting Started

To demonstrate how easy it is to use Angular and ZingChart, we’re going to create an interactive data-set using some information from the Best PHP Framework for 2015 SitePoint Survey.

But before we do that, let’s take a quick look at a basic demo showing how to set up a line-graph with Angular and the ZingChart directive.

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