Random Line

There is a random line that has appeared stretched across my whole page just above the blue footer area.

Does anyone know how i can change this so it fits just the actual layout?

link: www.avillafan.com

It’s created by this element:

<div class="footer-top-bar"></div>

Just remove that if you don’t want the line.

I dont want to completely remove it - I want to align it with the actual layout and not the whole page.

I tried changing it to width 80% but its to the right now… Any tips?

You need to place <div class=“footer-top-bar”></div> within the footer part

There’s really no need to add anything to the HTML. Just do something like this:

.footer-wrapper {border-top: 3px solid #3D001F}

Yes, that’s it: then the <div class=“footer-top-bar”></div> is not needed anymore, and can be removed.

(If you put the <div class=“footer-top-bar”></div> inside the footer, then you are missing the 10px padding left and right, which are in the footer styles)

Thank you. Much appreciated!