Raising profile on Directory Site

Hi, thanks in advance

A computer repair directory site has a listing for my company:
And also for another company with an identical name in another city.

Sometimes when I search for my company name on Google my page on this site is in position 2, and sometimes the other companies page on that site appears.

Any suggestions on how to make mine come-up first?


If you want to promote your company page on that site you would need to create links to that page. The process for this is exactly the same as you would acquire links for your own site.

you have to compete your targeted kws and gather more links to outrank those sites…

Thanks, thats pretty much what I was pondering.

Where does your site rank under those same keywords? Is it worth sending more links to your site directly rather than your directory listing?

No, my site already does well for targets keywords.
It’s just this one directory site that always appears position 1 or 2, that causes me problems when it’s snippet isn’t for me :frowning: