Radio button randomly populates another set of radio buttons

I have a form that has 4 questions.

If you answer “yes” to questions 1 or 2, questions 3 and 4 are revealed and the user must answer those questions before the form can be submitted.

If you answer “no” to questions 1 and 2, then questions 3 and 4 are not revealed and the form is submitted.

Answer “no” to questions 1 and 2 … form submits, but randomly answers questions 3 & 4. (the answers are not consistant)

Not sure what could be causing this problem.
external-form-validation.js general functions
external-form-ui.js calls the show/hide functions
14_TxGrant.js calls functions specific to this form.

It looks like the database is the culprit. I submitted this form to a different database and did not have an issue with the radio buttons being populated.