Radial Menu with curved connected lines

Hi guys I am using this radial menu in one of my projects.

Radial Menu

but I need the menu buttons connected to each other with a curved line. is it possible? need help. Thanks.

Hi there akshaykosmos,

are you aware that the the menu has no
functionality without javascript?

Are you also aware that the menu has no
content without CSS?

About coding of this genre, one of our
deceased members @felgall had this to say…

Progressive enhancement:

  1. You write your page content as if both CSS
        and JavaScript are off.
  2. You write CSS to style the page the way you
        want it to look when JavaScript is off.
  3. You write additional CSS to change the way
        you want the page to look when JavaScript
        is turned on.
  4. You write CSS for the way you want the page
        to look when specific JavaScript commands
        are supported by the browser.
  5. You add a few lines of JavaScript to the head
        of the page to add the necessary classes to
        the html tag for the styles you wrote in steps
        3 and 4 to be applied.



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