RAD PHP web apps framework?

I’ve used almost every popular PHP framework or at least read through the source code to determine whether the MVC interpretation matched my own.

I am in need of a CMF/RAD framework to quickly build a basic prototype on an MVC framework.

I essentially woulld love to provide a schema in YAML and have the entire application pounded out for me, authentication and access control to boot.

PRADO/YII seems to fit the bill quite well but I am not entirely convinced it’s the best option. I have looked into CMF such as Drupal (which I am very familiar with) as well as newer CMF such as Pimcore.

I do not need a low-level MVC framework like Zend, CodeIgnitor, etc, nor do I need something quite as specialized as a CMF, but rather in between. A scaffolding engine which will generate the CRUD-S controllers, views and models, allowing me to easily go in and tweak the results, adding actions to controllers, etc.

Can you make any suggestions based on the above?


Symfony does a lot of that for you. I’m using 1.4.0 currently, but there’s a significant revamp which is in preview release at the moment.