Quotes as content

Hey there, I got a quotes website called ‘Quotes Parade’
My all content is quotes, the archives are full of links leading to the quotes page which means there is barely text at all, I’ve seen some big websites roll like this but my question is how good it is and how hard will it be to promote the website like this, Im having hard time in the seo on this one so I need some recommandations, thanks.

The only searches you’re likely to attract are searches for the actual quotes themselves, since you’ve got virtually no other text that the search engines can get their teeth into.

That raises two problems. First, how many people are likely to search for an actual quote? Or, rather, is that number sufficient to give you the result you want?

And, second, by their nature, these are well-known, interesting quotes, and are therefore likely to appear on many other websitesl. (In fact, I’ve got a couple of them on one of my own sites.) All those other sites will be competing with yours for search engine rankings.

For those reasons, this doesn’t look like a good prospect as far as SEO is concerned.

There is another issue. You’re obviously aiming to make money from AdSense ads. The trouble is that, from the advertiser’s point of view, there is nothing inherently attractive about a collection of miscellaneous, un-related quotes. There’s no related market or group of consumers that an advertiser can target. So you probably won’t attract the highest-paying ads, and you probably won’t get a high click-through rate.

Sorry to be so negative, especially as you’ve obviously gone to a lot of trouble to create an interesting site. It’s definitely the sort of site that I enjoy perusing. But I wouldn’t expect it to make a lot of money.


Especially because your site is monetized, you may also run into copyright issues unless you are using only public domain quotes or have the permission of the authors/people you are quoting.