Quill editior Regex for iframes

I am working on a RegEX for a Quill editor and want to sanitize iframes. This code will take out the iframe, work fine.

 Public Function RegexScriptTags(strValue)
   Set RegularExpressionObject = New RegExp
   With RegularExpressionObject
    .Pattern = "<iframe[^><]*>.*?<.iframe[^><]*>
    .IgnoreCase = True
    .Global = True
   End With
   Dim strResult: strResult = RegularExpressionObject.Replace(strValue, " ")
   Set RegularExpressionObject = Nothing

   RegexScriptTags = strResult
End Function

First of all, I am using Classic ASP.

The issue that I have by using Quill is there is a way to embed youtube videos.

I want to continue to use that with Quill but the RegEX will remove it.

With Quill the iframe uses this class:

class="ql-video ql-align-center"

The align center was user inputted, but you can see what the class is.

So my question - Is there a way to do somewhat of a conditional RegEX that if the iframe was that specific class (or certain words), then ignore, else the iframe would be taken out?

I realize that this a .Net forum but I was thinking that there are some asp classic brainiacs out there.

Thank you and appreciate your help.

Well your pattern’s missing a closing quote, for starters…


(can probably be done better, but it works for me. Assert a negative lookahead that the word “youtube” does not occur before the end of the opening tag.)

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Yes, I see that. My fault in that I was using an or operator and didn’t close it when pasting. Thanks

Works for me too!! Well done and thanks for being one of those brainiacs out there!
I really appreciate it and thank you so much.

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Would like your opinion. Is it okay to use this as an or |

.Pattern = "<script[^><]*>.*?<.script[^><]*>|<iframe(?![^>]*youtube[^>]*>)[^><]*>.*?<.iframe[^><]*>"

Because I wasn’t sure if you can have different patterns, like this in the same regex code (2 patterns after each other).

.Pattern = "<script[^><]*>.*?<.script[^><]*>"
.Pattern = "<iframe(?![^>]*youtube[^>]*>)[^><]*>.*?<.iframe[^><]*>"

Appreciate knowing what is best to do. Thanks

Well why are you using a . to match the /in an end tag?

Why are you searching for <'s inside of the open tag? how often are you finding tags inside tags?

It was code that I had, written by someone else. Honestly, I don’t understand the Regex’s. I am trying to sanitize for script tags and what you just gave me on iframes. All I know that along with yours, it works.

If you have a better way to do it, I would love to see it. And if you can explain it, I am always interested in having a better understanding of the symbols.

Thanks for what you have done. It’s appreciated.

Well the symbols are simple enough to explain. It’s the logic that baffles me.

. means “any character”
[^><] means “any character that is NOT a > or a <”

Why the original author thinks you’d run into another < inside of a tag is baffling to me…
<div thing="skdka" <img tag for no reason> endmydiv>

And this:
would match </script, but it would also match <ascript or <jscript or…

Best answer I can give you is that I don’t know. I don’t understand the logic at all.

To clarify, you gave me this below. Is this correct?


and how would you change this so the logic is correct?





Basically, just throw out all the <'s where you’re not looking for a literal <, and replace the .'s at the start of the end tags. Just for trimmin it up.

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