Quick site solution, with expansion flexibility

I want to set up a fairly basic information web site for a plant nursery. I want it to include a catalogue of all my plants which are currently in an SQL database (though not all the info in the database is required). I don’t intend to sell online for a while, but and easy transgression to a shopping cart would be useful.
I have very little time and even less money, and wondered if anyone could offer the quickest way to get up and running with the flexibility to learn and enhance the site as time allows.
I have been looking at Wordpress as a quick publishing solution, but am confused as to how my database would integrate? Am I looking at the right option, or does anybody have a better solution?
I used to design web sites back in the early days! With a little revision I’m capable of any HTML,CSS and PHP required. I have not used Wordpress but it does look like a good option.

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