QUICK Q for new site structure over multiple domains?


I am starting up a new web company and will initially offer; web design, graphic design and a few other similar services.

Later on once established I will expand this and offer more general IT services including; IT Support, networking services, pc repairs and voip, etc, etc.

So my plan was to create, design & build a ‘Portfolio’ style website for my web services, but this sort/type of design is not really suited for a larger more general ‘IT company’ who offers all of the above. (ie: a large ‘featured work’ section on the homepage is only really suitable for showcasing latest design work, …not so much networking services or PC repairs for instance)

My question is: Would I be better using my dot com domain as a central point or hub of some sort for my business, and have categories linking to all the services (‘select your category here’ sort of thing) or build one large site with an alternate style/design that is capable of including the additional services at a later stage from the start?

Another idea I had was to use alternative domains for the alternate types of service that will be offered in the future, but this then gets a bit messy for promoting multiple domains, and potential SEO issues linking to other sites forwarding traffic etc.

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated!

Thank you.


It depends really… there’s no preferential method to achieving such an effect. It’s all down to how much information you feel is suitable for the site, how connected each of the services are to each other and how your business would like to promote itself. :slight_smile:

Anyone want to share how they would go about setting a site up similar to the above?

Keep services and aspects separate, or plan ahead and ditch the ‘portfolio’ / web designy style site layout?

[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2]It depends upon scale and as to whether they will be run in different divisions or as separate entities, etc.

If a saw a Telecom sales site (say for customised PCs) and that said “we do websites; look over here”… I might wonder what they company actually specialises in? I’ve seen tons of sites that offer PC Repair and also do websites and usually the latter are quite appalling WYSIWYG affairs. [/SIZE][/FONT]