Quick list styling question (indent)

I am making a FAQ list and I need it with NO BULLETS (that is not the problem):


I need it to be indented after the first line:
Q: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
adipiscing elit?
A: In ut ipsum nunc. Mauris porttitor dolor quis orci volutpat tempor.
Phasellus aliquet, metus sit amet bibendum mattis, urna justo
faucibus diam,

**When ever I remove the bullets this is where I run into the problem - If I didn’t need to remove them, then everything would line up just like in the sample…

Try applying; .xyz {margin-left: 2em;} to a class within the list item you want indenting and that is assuming you don’t want a definition list.

You could maybe give the items a left padding combined with the same negative text-indent. :slight_smile:
That would pull the first line through the left padding but let wrapping lines stay away.

Both of these sound like the way to go. I was thinking the same things. But I didn’t want to go around my *** to get to my elbow