Quick CSS Help

In IE8, im having somethign happen where the text to the right of the picture frame goes behind the picture frame. It looks fine in other browsers and IE 7, just in IE8 is it messing up.

any ideas or suggestions?

here is the site: www.glenhealy.com/spektor

Did you try to float the featured video content as well. I see you have positioned it absolute which takes it out of the flow

The right text div is hiding behind the video div.

It looks like IE8 does not like the float on (#main-content) the parent of the video and right text divs.

Either remove the float or add width:100% so it does not shrinkwrap. That float will contain the child floats though if you leave it there.

#container [B]#main-content[/B] {

Made the width 100% and it worked perfectly! Thanks for the help!