Questions about responsive images

I’m trying to determine which responsive method to use. The responsive images on the website I’m working on all use CMS generated markup like slideshow images and product photos. So I can use an approach with specific HTML. The key is that different images should have different sizes at the the same breakpoints. For example, the product images should be much smaller than the slideshow graphics on the home page at most screen resolutions.

Adaptive Images looks like a good solution, but it doesn’t look like you can use different images resolutions on the same screen resolution. I’d also like to use imagemagick for resizing the images.

The <picture> element also looks interesting. Though, it uses a lot of markup and I’m concerned about Google Images SEO.

I’m considering writing my own method that would specify different src’s with data tags, and determining the default based on a cookie.

I’d love to hear everyones comments on this. Is there a solution that meets the requirements I’ve outlined at the top.