Questions about linkfarm

Ok I know that to check the blog/site if it is in the link farm is by looking at the comment section if the commenters just throw in a hundred lot of links there in the comment box. But that’s not the only way to be sure you are not linking to sites in link farm right? Any ideas about this one? Thanks

I agree with you. Link farm is a web page that doesn’t give any information to the user and has been developed only for having links.

Ok, I need more people to give me some tips here. I don’t think there are other threads in here which talks about this topic. Please. thanks

Link farms have been discussed extensively here in the past:
Google search

A link farm is a site that only or primarily exists to give links to other sites, and doesn’t provide any content or added value itself. To be honest, if you’re looking at a website and you can’t tell if it’s a link farm or not, you’re going to struggle on the internet…

Thank so much for this one Stevie. I’ve just clicked on it and I think it has everything I needed to know. I knew there is a thread that talks about link farm but I just couldn’t find. Thank you for helping me out with this subject.