Questions about Amazon S3

If I want website vistors to access videos stored in Amazon S3, do I need Amazon Cloudfront?
Can’t media be accessed without Cloudfront?

No you don’t need Cloudfront, just S3 is fine.

You can’t run PHP on S3. It’s for static files and media only.

Thanks for your reply.
So, what is the advantage of using CloudFront?

CloudFront is a CDN. The purpose of a CDN is to server your static files to people faster, no matter where in the world they are located.

The first few minutes of this video explains it pretty well:

Thanks for that. it was very good.
So, how much faster will CloudFront distribute my videos in the USA, vs. S3 distribution?
Also, adding CF adds another cost correct?

Yes it adds an additional cost, but I don’t have much experience with it on a production level so I don’t know how much.

As for speed I’m sure that is dependent on where you are, which region your S3 is located and other factors. But you could probably find benchmarks for it, just Google: CloudFont Benchmarks and see what turns up. This should give you an idea.

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