Questions about a cricket sounds app and about publishing it

Hello everyone,

I made a simple cricket app. Users press some buttons and different sounds play.
But I have a few questions and I hope I can get help here. So here they are:

  1. What kind of sound format do I need so all the devices can play those cricket sounds ?(mp3, .wav… etc.)
  2. How can I be sure, that this app(though is a simple one) will run on all/mostly all devices and how I can establish the android versions? (Btw, I’m using Android studio 3.5.3)
  3. How can I release the app as an .apk to put it on a phone / google play? What are all the build configurations necessary for this ?

And for some future apps:

  1. If I publish an app with money, how can I make so, if I update it after publishing, people who already bought it, don’t need to pay again ?

  2. How can I make so my apps will be on top ?

Thank you very much and wait for your replies! :smiley:

Welcome to the forums @cialex90

You might find this article or this answers some of your questions regarding how to publish your app.

Edit: Rather than publish an .apk file, you would be advised to publish a signed bundle.

Thank you very much Gandalf! :slight_smile:

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To answer your other questions:

  1. .mp3 will work - I’m not sure about other formats

  2. you set the minimum api level when you first create you app.

  3. as above

  4. assuming you mean to charge for the app, I’m pretty sure this is taken care of for you by the play store.

  5. You can’t!

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