Question ! ' typography.css & reset.css ' Advice please!

I am somewhat new to Web Design, and am in great need of advice about ’ typography.css & reset.css ’ …

I would like to know if, in the case I am using a ’ reset.css ', is there also a way to use a typography.css as well?
Or is it not advised nor a must?

Also, if it is do-able, any suggestions?

I was wanting to use both Eric Meyer’s and Blueprint. But only use the Blueprint ’ typography.css ’ in such for cross browser consistency. Am I thinking correct?

Thank you…

I would like to know if, in the case I am using a ’ reset.css ', is there also a way to use a typography.css as well?

Do note, that if you use the reset right ti should not really affect anything else. A resets function is to set a consistent baseline value, cross browser. The reason for this is that browsers have different default style settings for the same element. conceptual example: Opera might give Ps 1em top margin, Saf might give the same element 1em PADDING, and FF might give 1.2 em margin-top… and so forth. So the best way to eliminate consistency headaches is to have a reset. It is possible that your framework does this already, are you experiencing cross browser differences with your Blueprint?

As I tend to stay away from frameworks, am not familiar with Blueprint, it would be hard to tell how removing a part of a framework affects the whole ( it’d be kinda like playing Jenga). They could have separated their typography simply as an organization method ( id this sometimes) BUT they could have made the typography a base to the layout structure.

You can use as many style sheets as you like, but I tend to use only one. I don’t see the point in creating more calls to the server than necessary—unless perhaps you have a lot of styles that only apply to certain pages). Rather than use someone else’s stylesheet (for typography styles or whatever) I’d suggest you write your own, so that you don’t end up having a lof of redundant styles in your style sheet.

If you create a monstrous site with a billion different CSS rules, then it might make sense to split some portions of the stylesheet’s content. In almost all cases, it isn’t necessary though.

I’d not split Eric Meyer’s reset either, but place it at the top of your stylesheet. Be cautioned when using Eric Meyer’s reset, however. He has added resets for almost all scenarios, like a framework, and many of the rules you find in there are not needed for a single project. And one more thing to be aware of is to make sure to read the comments within his stylesheet as it disables certain default browser styles that you can’t just add back in via CSS and breaks some accessibility features.

Meyer’s reset is good but it’s overkill 99% of the time, so I’d advise that you create your own reset, resetting only the styles you will be using.