Question to Vue.js beginners

What’s up :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve recently found myself in mentoring position, because my company recruited 2 juniors. It’s an interesting topic and since then I’ve realized that I really like teaching people. That’s why I’m currently learning how I can help novices learn Vue.js better. It would really help me, if you could give some feedback and answer these two questions:

  1. As someone who is a relatively new in web development and wants to learn Vue.js, what are the 2 biggest issues you’re dealing with?
  2. Also, regarding learning Vue.js, what would you wish for more than anything else?

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to read your answers. :pray:

@fretburner has given a few Vue.js workshops for SitePoint recently, so might be able to shed some light on what beginners in his classes were looking for.

Have you used any other mvvm frameworks?

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