Question Regarding Meta Tag Optimmization

I want to know will it affect my SEO work if I will make meta description more than 150 character and Title Tag more than 66 characters. Also I have heard that Google does not give any importance to Meta Tags, so if we will not meta tag on the source code of site then it will affect SEO performance or not?

google still does give importance to meta tage descriptions. So please go and dont stop wroking upon those descriptions

If your title and description look genuine then as far as I know, Google will treat them just the same as it treats shorter titles and descriptions. On the other hand, if they look like they’re stuffed with keywords to bait search bots, Google will treat them with the contempt they deserve (that is the same however long they are!).

The reason that those limits have come about is because that’s all that Google will display in its results page. If your title or description are longer than that, they will be cut off and so searchers won’t see the full text. You might be OK with that, and there might be good reasons why you want a longer title or description, but most of the time it’s better to try to keep it within the limits so that searchers see the text in full.

Google gives all kind of importance to meta tags, like meta description and meta robots tags. Although it has been seen that it doesn’t give any kind of importance to meta keywords tag so it doesn’t make any difference if you use them or not.
The title and description are very important you should make proper use of keywords and make sure you don’t do stuffing, that doesn’t help your website. You can take length of description upto 180 but in SERP Google is going to show the 160 characters same goes with the title as well.

If you exceed the character limit of the tags, Google will simply clip it off… there is no use of exceeding your description and title.

Google does give importance to meta tags… It just ignores keyword tags because its use is abused by webmasters.