Question on Expression Engine?

I was asked to edit some content in EE, which I have never worked in before but I can usually sniff my way around. However I can’t seem to find where to edit the footer block in this CMS. I see references online that maybe I need to edit the template, but I do not see the design tab or anything related to editing the homepage or footer at all. Is it hidden somewhere or is this user’s login probably restricted access?

If you don’t see the Design tab in the control panel, it means you haven’t been given high enough “administrator” privileges. Whether you have enough access to do what you need to depends on how that content has been inserted. If it’s through an entry field (Content > Edit) you can makes changes, but if it’s elsewhere, you will need better access. It could be inside a template (Design > Templates) or it could be in a snippet or a global variable … which you normally need greater privileges to access. But there are also other ways the site could have been set up, with add-ons like Structure … so you really need more access to see what’s going on.

Cool thanks Ralph. I had a feeling that was the issue. Is there a web platform out there you haven’t worked with?! lol

Hehe, ExpressionEninge is the only one I’m familiar with. :slight_smile:

Really?! Coulda fooled me… guess I just assumed because you seem to be able to answer EVERY question I have ever posted…lol.