[QUESTION] How to create database design for simple e-commerce?

Dear Sitepoint members,

Okay, now i was create plan about my business; I’m voucher seller. My first step is design the business logic rather than logical code. Here are all of tables that I guess up for set up this e-commerce.

  • Supplier; Store voucher suppliers.
  • Product; Store products detail (Include stock status).
  • Product_Category; Store products category.
  • Payment; Store my payment method that me and buyer use.
  • Payment_Status; I guess this tables still relevant since I want to know whether the order has been paid or not.
  • Order; I think this tables is the most important too.
  • Order_Status; I want to use this table to keep in touch with all of created order.
  • Etc

Okay now i want to ask to all of you, whether my tables that i says enough to build an e-commerce system ? there is another table should i add ? And the last question is would you like to give me some book or reference to build database from scratch for some purpose ? :slight_smile:

Thank you

Jersey William

aren’t you missing a customers table?

Ops, thanks r937 of course I was forgot about that :stuck_out_tongue:

My big question is how to create normalization for my database design :frowning:

looks reasonably well normalized already

come back when you’ve created the tables and we can confirm