Question for people who know Ajax

I was reading last night about Ajax can do a callback. Like auto fill forms then submit to them but being able to archer back to refill or press a button on another web page. I want to know if this is true? Could I make an auto-bot with ajax that can submit or do activities on the web multiple times in the confines of a script? If I’m not making myself clear let me know.


click http button
goto that page
curl that page
search for unique button name on that page
if it’s on page
click that http button
goto new page
curl new page
fill form
submit to form

Are you talking about pages you own (and therefore under your control)?

no. only the script on my server

Ajax or no ajax, you cannot manipulate a third party web page using JavaScript (for security reasons).
However, I still haven’t really understood what you are trying to achieve.

After pondering as a hacker would about the idea, I think a A.I program could be written. Is there a way that jquery/ajax can open other files on it’s same server automatically?

Dumb down Example:

Bot.php starts running it’s script…
Bot.php tells FBcurl.php to open/execute on the domestic server.
FBcurl.php sole purpose is to curl a certain per-scripted url now lets say this url front page is dynamic and changes it’s info on the page a lot.
After FBcurl.php curls the page it sends the page packet to Bot.php.
In turn Bot.php analyzes the packet if curtain words/links are found.
Bot.php opens/execute Clicklink.php file on the domestic server.
Clicklink.php clicks the link, Bot.php specified

Bot.php would do the same process over again curling the new clicked url. I’m guessing ajax/juery/javascript would be implicated to automate the program.

Could this be possible?? :shifty: