Question facebook

I can make group on facebook with 1mln people.
how can i monetize this group

ps sorry for my english is bad(

you could ask each member of the group for a penny or two.

lol, and just a few minutes ago somebody posted a new thread “How To Monetize Facebook Fan Page & Groups” - coincidence? I think not.

On a more serious note, I personally prefer Fan Pages, but Groups have become better since some recent changes to Facebook.

The only way you can make money with Facebook is if you can get them to follow a link that leads to a place where you can actually put ads on it or sell something (this other guy has a slightly modified tip that includes YouTube video ads). What exactly you could do depends on the demographics/psychographics of this group.

Hey, you could make a group with million of people, and have no idea how to monetize it? If so, I’m 100% sure you will NOT be able to make that group anyways.

I have a group with over million people and I have monetized it on adsense and used it for traffic. I sell ad space on it as well, so it’s pretty good actually.

You can post link for all your fans regarding product review…they will follow the link and buy the product.

it is a tough thing to do, most people on the social networkign web sites dont really want to be bothered with anything besides free content and what not.

I have come across an article just in the same category, About how to monetize Fan Pages and Groups… i think this might really be helpful to you… just check it once… :slight_smile:

We would like to hear what are your own opinion and thoughts about this group, or what are the steps taken so far