Question about text zoom in IE8

I am trying to fix an issue with text zoom (note: NOT page zoom) in IE8. When one makes only the text larger, the navigation falls down the page a bit. Since the nav links are white, when they fall into the main content area (also white), they essentially disappear. You can see the site at Clark County Public Library. Been trying all sorts of things, to no avail. Any clues to what stupid thing I’m doing wrong?

(I get the same problem in Opera at my default settings)

This is what happens when you have in-flow text that has to line up with an absolutely positioned background. What you need to do is to set the background image on <ul class="links" id="navlist">, and that way it will always be in the right place.

Forgive my being obtuse–set the background image how? I get that it should be set on #navlist .links… Thanks for your help!


Thanks for the clue–yes, I needed to set the background on JUST the navlist div and ditch the part of the header that had the background bar in it.