Question about tables

Hi there,

I have never really used tables as I learned HTML recently.

I am now making an email newsletter with tables but I have a problem…

At the very bottom of this page: there’s an image which will eventually link to our Youtube page. The problem is that this image if floating over to the left too far and I don’t know why :(.

I copied the same HTML as the two images directly above it. All three images are the same size too.

Can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong please?

Thanks for the info, Stephen!

In our office, people tend to load emails in order received. I don’t know why, because I don’t use Outlook.

Another thing I just remembered… most email clients are like mine: they block images by default.

This is because it’s a popular technique by spammers to see if an email address is “live”: when you load the images automatically, there’s a call to the spammer’s server. The spammer can then see that someone asked for the images… and who. Meaning, your email is a real, working email and the spam has been seen. So many email clients have images blocked by default, requiring you-the-user to explicitly turn them on.

So an HTML email made up almost entirely of images will start out entirely blank for many people, with little broken-image icons.
Then, if they allow images to load, their email client may have to sit there loading the images… I use web mail, so it’s no biggie, but in my office everyone uses (ug) Outlook. Outlook doesn’t let them go through the rest of their emails if it’s busy loading a bunch of images for one email. That and Outlook is evil and doesn’t even allow basic CSS arg.
In my dreams the world explodes and all copied of Outlook magically get turned into Thunderbird or something.

What should it look like?

The text under this heading “time for tees” is too wide. I wasn’t this wide until I changed the afore mentioned section.

I think I’ve messed up the overall width somewhere and ended up with a conflict thats messing up the layout.

table row right under the “Funky Foams Cases” <tr> needs to have rowSpan = 7 not 6, for the first <td>, the one with width=“110” :slight_smile:

I have changed a section in the middle of this page:

Its the section with the image of lots of beards in the middle. I seem to have messed up the table structure and can’t figure out why. Can anyone tell me how to straighten it up please?

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

My boss bought the font not sure what it’s called.

Good question. I am a complete tables beginner. I got a friend to create the HTML from a PSD file but I am having to change it a bit. I have managed most changes but can’t figure this bit out :frowning:

Email programs only block linked images by default (since when you download them your email address is recorded in the log on the site you download them from and so by placing a 1x1 transparent image in their spam emails the spammers log the email address of everyone who opens it who allows linked images).

The alternative to linking to images is to embed them in the email itself. That makes the email much bigger but means that the image will be displayed in the email even if linked images are blocked.

Most email programs have an option where you can tell it not to download emails above a certain size (that you choose). That way you get all the small emails downloaded along with a small piece of the big ones and so are not waiting for the big emails to download in order to see what small ones you got. You can then click a link to download the rest of a big email or delete it without downloading the rest depending on whether it is one you want or not.

Why do they have a colspan of 26?

Aarrgh :sick: This is why anyone who chooses to use tables for layout needs their head examined. (I know that when you’re writing HTML emails rather than webpages it isn’t possible to do it properly and tables is the only option - that remark was aimed in general rather than at you)

I would guess it’s got something to do with the fact that it’s in
<td width=“728” colspan=“28”>
If you don’t want that table cell to be so wide, give it a narrower width!

On another note, I think your design is way too wide for an email. 887px is beyond what’s recommended even for a browser, but remember that in email clients, most users won’t have the full width of their screen available. I would recommend a width of no more than 600px. Plus, your images are just too large in general. With the way that a lot of people have their email client set up, the top image will be taller than the space they have for viewing the message. And that top bit just doesn’t draw people in. Smaller graphics and better use of space will pay off.

Wow, how’d you get that old-fashioned look (I checked out the link)? That looks so cool!
What font is that?

you’re welcome. and you’ll probably find useful the developer toolbar in browsers :wink:

Thank you so much. I ave another bit still but I’ll try my hardest to crack it before I ask for help again.