Question about SEO and keywords

Hi new to SEO and I was thinking – If were to make the best italian bread, why couldn’t you just copy paste “Italian bread” a 1000 times on every one of your webpages and hide the text with like a margin-left:-9999em; ?

Doesn’t google look for keywords and doesnt it search your website for text?

If you have any integrated blog in your website then it should be possible for the short period because you can put a link according to your respective keyword and can get a backlink but not for too long. :slight_smile:

It would have worked ten years ago… But now most search engines are too far advanced to put weight on that.

Yeah, in fact, search engines are so advanced now-a-days that they don’t just want to see “italian bread”, (keyword density), they also want to see something called, “latent semantic indexing”. Google it. :slight_smile:

The simple answer is that you need to stay within the Google Webmaster Guidelines and specifically the Quality Guidelines or you risk getting a penalty.

Hiding text would be breaking the “Hidden text and links guideline”.