Question about loading images from external source

Due to lack of webspace my hosts gives me, I have to upload my images to an external source and then load them on my gallery page.
It all works fine in all browsers, however IE7 is the only one that is lagging, not on loading (it takes abot 3-5 sec to load the whole page in any browser) but it lags in tems of like moving the mouse hardly moves, when clicking on links it takes a few seconds to respond, like the browsers keeps on freezing…
I was wondering, if its a cause of me loading external images, or simply because my gallery has too many images in one page which IE7 cannot handle?
and if i already ask, How do loading images from external source affect performance? compared to loading them from my own host?
I would have checked it my self but copying more than 50 images just for testing its an impossible task.

I tested my website on chrome, safari, opera, FF, IE9, IE8 on windows, Mac and laptop, it loads and works just fine from all of them, only IE7 keeps on freezing.


Well the fact that you’re trying to get your UA to send 50 + HTTP requests will definitely slow it down - it might just be an IE7 performance issue.


It shouldn’t be such a big problem. Sites employing CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) are doing this all the time, serving data from external sources.

It’s not about how many images you load, well, that too, but it’s more about their size and weight and their use. I also suspect it has something to do with a JavaScript code you may have, if you claim it loads fine in other browsers. It’s hard to tell if you don’t provide a live link.

Lack of web space? What type of hosting are you using? You can find unlimited hosting packages for about $5 a month all around. They are not truly unlimited but unless your site gets real high traffic, it would be enough. If your site is not a heavy image site and it has just a gallery, then I see no reason to host images on a third party space.