Question about iframe

I’m a new member here. Just joined.

Often when I would submit my questions to Google, it came up with postings from sitepoint, so I figured I should join. I have a great deal to learn.

If I am building a web page on a free web site host, I have limited total traffic and an over all lower level of service.

If I use iframe to embed a youtube into my site, does that count against my traffic limit? Does it even have to go thru my host’s equipment?

If this question should be elsewhere, sorry. I looked best I could and could not find a place for this sort of content.

If you can suggest other places I should register to get this kind of newbie help, I’m certainly open to that.

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Embedding a YouTube video on your site will actually run the video from YouTube’s servers and not use any of the resources on your host.

Hi mad professor. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

As ChrisWiegman said, a YouTube video isn’t actually hosted on your site, but is pulled in from the YouTuber server. So there’s no impact on your own site. When you view a YouTube video on YouTube, there’s an EMBED button below the video that allows you to copy some linking code. Copy this code, paste it on your web page, and the video will appear on your site.