Question about forum staff

Wow…the support teams is huge, great to know “she’s the administrator” haha. Please allow me to ask another question, is SitePoint ever upgrade any public member become Advisor?

[FONT=Verdana]Staff members - Mentors (orange), Advisors (green) and Team Leaders (blue) are all volunteers. We all started as ordinary forum members, before being invited to join the staff. Does that answer your question?

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I’ve moved your post here, to avoid disrupting the game thread. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing, it is fun to join this forum. Actually I have more question in mind…e.g do you full time work on this forum? what attract you to become staff in this forum instead of others forum.

Sorry, if I over ask.

Most, if not all forum staff here have full time jobs outside of the forums. We then contribute some of the free time we have at nights/weekends (or our off hours) to helping out the forum and making it continue to be a thriving community.

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Not really, as cpradio says, mostly in our free time (and sometimes from work :))

The great sense of community and the fact that there are a lot of clever people here, from whom I can learn (and have learnt) a lot.

I am the only person that gets paid to work on the forums. I work full time managing the SitePoint community - some of that is the forums and the rest is our other social media stuff (that’s a technical term). I started out as a volunteer here about 10 years ago while I was working as a developer for another company, and I worked my way up through the forum ranks. I quit to have kids and ended up coming back, this time on the pay-roll.

Why this forum over others? Partly because it is where I started out and partly because it the friendliest one that you’ll find on the internet! :slight_smile:

A big thumb up to sitepoint (SP) moderators.

TechnoBear - thanks to open a new thread and allow me to ask additional question.

cpradio - thanks to spend your nights/weekends time with SP

Pullo - Totally agree, there there are a lot of clever and nice people here.

HAWK - 10 years contribution is a super long history, no many people can achieve that. (You must be experiences lot of changer did on SP)

There are some people that are really experienced. Some of us, a bit less. But more than what you know (and being part of the staff, you need to be a bit careful with what you say and how you say it because it’s taken more seriously) is giving back to the community, in my opinion.