Question About Domain Trademark, Is this alright?

I am thinking of creating a blog (school stuff) - unofficial school fan club.
my school is using country .edu extension, .net is available ,is it ok if i use it? the title i will write unofficial school website
Are school names trademark? Any thing I should do to protect myself against legal issue?
I already bought the name, what should i do if it’s not alright?

Wouldn’t you be better asking your school if it’s OK to use the domain? I doubt if it’s covered by trademark laws (although I don’t know for sure), but the school might feel that using the domain looks as if your site is in some way official. If I were you, I’d clear it with them at the outset, rather than risk running into problems later.

It’s possible it is trade marked. You should be able to check by using one of the many trade mark search tools. I just searched for a local university and they have multiple trade marks.

Also, depending what country you’re in there could be restrictions on the types of registrations allowed. You will need to check your own country code policies. Some are more restrictive that others.

I would agree with this, save yourself a headache.

My guess would be that if it’s a Public school it isn’t trademarked but if it’s a Private school then it would be.

You may not get in trouble for having a similar domain name, but you can bet you will if you don’t make it clear that your site isn’t their site and by no means make it look even remotely similar to their site,

But as said, ask them and save yourself the worry.