Question About ' class="hfeed" '

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I have a simple and easy question, but one that has me interested nonetheless. I have noticed that some WordPress themes have a special class within the Wrapper Div Tag, Example:

<div id="wrapper" class="hfeed"></div>

Can someone please educate me on this ’ class=“hfeed” ', and what is it’s purpose, and how to use it?

Thank you…

It is just CSS which positions and gives other attributes like color , font size , etc.

I was compelled to go in and correct this.

For starters, the code class="hfeed" is NOT css. This is the HTML “class” attribute. Yes, the most common use of the class attribute is to use as a hook for css presentation rules; however, another common use of classes is to apply metadata to your markup. The “hfeed” class is actually part of the hAtom 0.1 microformat specification. hfeed indicates to machines that the enclosed content is syndicated content (such as a blog feed).