Question about changing hostname on my VPS


just a brief overview… i registered for a linux cpanel VPS with my 1st site when i started… let’s say

so the VPS was automatically assigned the hostname

now i have a new website…

i want to change the hostname because i don’t want the hostname for the domain to be (seems a bit ironic doesn’t it?)

can i register a new domain and use it to be the hostname… example: … then i change the hostname on my VPS to

so in this case… both and will have the hostname ?

or does the hostname NOT show up anywhere so i will not need to change it? my whole point of changing the hostname is because i don’t want people to see having a hostname from

hope i made myself clear enough for u to help me…

thanks in advance!

No idea, but I’ve had a lot of web servers in my day and I’ve never had one where the machine’s hostname matched anything that was being served.

More often than not, hosting server names don’t actually match what they host. No.

Take the default host name for any server from a big company, and its usually… <someform of encoding of ip address> - as an example.

To change a Linux hostname, it will depend slightly on which flavour of Linux it is, Redhat and similar for example, stores the hostname in /etc/sysconfig/networking - I can’t just off the top of my head rememeber where debian etc stores it.