Question about center and text-align


i have this page.

login: fer
password: m
Note: after login you will be redirected to another page. Then click again the link i mention.

Im trying to center the form using “margin: 0 auto” but it doesnt work.

Im also trying to align the labels on the right through “text-aling: right” but it doesnt work…

Any help?



First off you need a doctype to put all browsers into standards mode so that they’ll recognise the margin properly. Without that all browsers will behave differently.

Haven’t looked at the page but are you setting a width? Without a width the auto margins will not work…

It is in a table so it shouldn’t need a width but it will need a doctype.

If you’re talking about IE then yes, IE in quirks mode doesn’t recognize auto margins. A doctype as mentioned above will fix this.