Question about adding url to directory

Hi, all, i have question about adding my url to directories.
Is it useful to add my url to those English directories if my sites language is chinese?

That depends, what are you trying to achieve by adding your URL to those directories?

get more traffic or just add my url to those website for search engineer.

If it’s to get more traffic, from users clicking through, then match the language to the users you are targetting. If your site is in Chinese are you still targetting English speaking users? (who could maybe use Google translate and still use your site)

Most of good English directories don’t allow other language submissions so you need to work hard for finding good English directories.

i mean i only want to get more traffic , not for targeting user.
also for search engineeer.

I think yo can do so. But that will not help your ranking directly. You can get more traffic but the CTR will not be very high I think.

like i mentioned in another thread, you only need to submit to one directory that is i found a chinese section for you to submit;

chinese simplified;社会/人物/个人网站/博客/

chinese trad;社會/人物/個人網頁/網誌/

you can check the rest from here;

thanks, i have added to china dmoz successfully.

I think there would be a problem in your case. Since many English directories accept only the English language. If I were you I will use translator for your site or just translate it to english. :smiley:

Try this links:

Hope this helps.

Directories are absolutely useless for traffic. Second, they are good to start showing up in search engines, but just for starters. Third, if your site is chinese, don’t waste your time and money submitting to english directories, it won’t get approved.