Querying Based On Many Conditions?

I have a database table with a field “category” that has many different possibilities (100+). I’m trying to write a query that grabs the rows that have “category” that has one of 60ish category possibilities. Currently the query looks like this:

 category = 1 OR
 category = 2 OR 
 category = 3 OR 
 category = 58 OR 
 category = 59 OR 
 category = 60

This seems enormously inefficient. Is there a better way to do this? Can I somehow store all of the category values I’m looking for in an array, and just compare once? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

SELECT * FROM table WHERE category IN (1,2,3,58,59,60)

SELECT t.somecolumns
  FROM daTable AS t
  JOIN category_possibilities AS c
    ON c.category = t.category