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A content writer needs to be so much creative…I have a query…I was just browsing and i saw many websites which have copied material from other websites…I want to ask that isn’t there any place or way to report such websites??
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No, that’s not what it’s about. The OP was looking for ways to stop copying and plagiarism.

And another let’s not write thread.

Not all copying is illegal, do you know if the places that reposted the content had permission from the author (they could have sent them an email asking for consent)? Did the authors website allow for reposting with citations and a link back? Was that content posted under fair use? Not only that, the license for the content may allow reposting or redistribution without permission (the creative commons license is just one example along with copyleft, the GPL, public domain, et al). If you go around reporting content being copied when they have a legitimate reason to repost that content (by permission, license or otherwise) you will just make a name for yourself as a troublemaker (and you could be pursued for harassment if you start targeting specific people or sites). :slight_smile:

You should only report copyright theft if there’s GOOD justification behind it.

In some cases, they will have legitimately copied the content, so it isn’t always appropriate for you (as a disinterested third party) to shout about it and cause a fuss. If you believe that someone has stolen content from another site, your best bet is to let the owner of that site know that they have had some of their content ripped off, and give them the URL of where it is. If they want to pursue the matter then it’s up to them.

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PS - one tip that makes everyone here’s life a little bit easier … when you’re starting a new topic, please try to give it a more descriptive title than “Query!”, “Just a thought…” or “Help me!”, or anything like that. The title should reflect what the topic is about, so in this case something like “Reporting copied content” would be good. Then it’s much easier for everyone to find the topics that they’re interested in and/or can contribute to.

guys if you see a website which has copied content…would you like to report it or it is just better to stay away???

Sorry Stevie, but DCrux is right. Plagiarism isn’t writing, it’s theft. I think that would be a legal issue.

I believe that question has already been answered. Did you read post #3?